Oct 06, 2020 12:00 PM
Felicity Dye
Rotary Youth Exchange

Rotary Youth Exchange and its global and local impact.  The future of Rotary begins with our youth!  Each Rotary Exchange Student that participates ARE our  future Rotarians, they understand the fundamental values of what Rotary Does; Peace, Community, Service.  We need to invest and nurture these young people, encourage them to continue with Rotaract/ Rotary. 

Felicity Dye is the Chair of the Rotary Youth Exchange program for our District.  She is a member of Rotary Club of Bellingham, and has been involved with Youth Exchange since 2014 when she was a Host Mom.  As a host Mom, she became more interested in the program and was asked to join the District Committee.  While her husband Curtis has been a Rotarian for 30 years, she was not- but that didn’t last long!  Once again; Rotary Youth Exchange leads to Rotarians.