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Bill Bramwell 2018/2019
Be the Inspiration
Stacey Irwin    2017/2018
Making A Difference
Sara Lawson    2016/2017
Rotary Serving Humanity
Leslie McConnell    2015/2016
Be a Gift to the World
Hugh Ellis    2014/2015
Light Up Rotary!

 Angelo Rea   2013/2014  
 Engage Rotary, Change Lives
 Andrew Franklin   2012/2013  
 Peace Through Service
 Martin Silverstein   2011/2012  
 Reach Within to Embrace Humanity
 Lenora McQueen   2010/2011    
 Building Communities - Bridging Continents
 Elaine Howardson   2009/ 2010    
 The Future of Rotary is in Your Hands
 Gary Fribance (Honorary)   2008/2009    
 Make Dreams Real
 Dan Denis   2007/2008    
 Rotary Shares
 Mark Dana   2006/2007    
 Lead the Way
 Don Landucci    2005/2006
 Service above Self  
 Casey Smit   2004/2005    
 Celebrate Rotary   
 Ken Funk   2003/2004    
 Lend a Hand
 Peter Steele   2002/2003    
 Sow the Seeds of Love
 John Jarvis   2001/2002   
 Mankind Is Our Business.

 Nilde West   2000/2001   
 Create Awareness Take Action
 John Charlesworth   1999/2000    
 Act with - Consistency, Credibility, Continuity
 Geoff Lawlor   1998/1999    
 Follow Your Rotary Dream
 Rod Thomson   1997/1998    
 Show Rotary Cares For Your Community, For Our World, For its People
 Dave Robinson   1996/1997    
 Build the Future with Action and Vision
 Ron Kelly   1995/1996    
 Act with Integrity, Serve with Love, Work for Peace.
 Allan Hougan   1994/1995    
 Be a Friend.
 Brian Lee   1993/1994    
 Believe in What You Do - Do What You Believe In.
 Harry Sayers   1992/1993    
 Real Happiness is Helping Others.
 Ron Downe   1991/1992    
 Look Beyond Yourself.
 Randy Bartsch   1990/1991    
 Honor Rotary with Faith and Enthusiasm.
 Henry Savard   1989/1990    
 Enjoy Rotary.
 Greg Buck   1988/1989    
 Put Life into Rotary - Your Life.
 Randy White   1987/1988    
 Rotarians - United in Service - Dedicated to Peace.
 Cors De Lint   1986/1987    
 Rotary Brings Hope.
 Jim Ainsley   1985/1986    
 You are the Key.
 Don Funk   1984/1985     
 Discover a New World of Service.  
 Jim Stewart   1983/1984     
 Share Rotary - Serve People.
 Duncan Little   1982/1983     
 Mankind is One - Build Bridges of Friendship Throughout the World. 
 Ken Fulwiler   1981/1982     
 World Understanding and Peace Through Rotary.
 Doug McCausland   1980/1981     
 Take Time to Serve.
 Bob Singleton   1979/1980     
 Let Service Light the Way.
 Jock Pedie   1978/1979     
 Reach Out.
 Bill Ritchie   1977/1978     
 Serve to Unite Mankind.
 Nick Keis   1976/1977     
 I Believe in Rotary.
 Stan Worthington   1975/1976     
 To Dignify the Human Being. 
 Murray Reimer   1974/1975     
 Renew the Spirit of Rotary.
 Fred Wilkinson   1973/1974     
 A Time for Action.
 Dan Janzen   1972/1973     
 Let's Take a New Look - and Act. 
 Gary Riesen   1971/1972     
 Goodwill Begins With You. 
  Bill Mouat   1970/1971     
 Bridge the Gaps.
 Bill Green   1969/1970     
 Review and Renew.
 Peter Funk   1968/1969     
 Bud Lloyd   1967/1968     
 Make Your Rotary Membership Effective. 
 Douglas Bibby   1966/1967     
 A Better World Through Rotary. 
 Gordon Trotman   1965/1966     
 Action, Consolidation and Continuity.
 Jack Gregson   1964/1965     

 Live Rotary.
 Herb Ashdown   1963/1964     
 Meeting Rotary's Challenge in the Space Age.
 Ed McDougall   1962/1963    
 Kindle - The Spark Within. 
 Phil Swift   1961/1962     
 Act, Aim for action, Communicate for Understanding, Test for Leadership. 
 Harold Patterson   1960/1961     
 You are Rotary - Live It! Express It! Expand It! 
 Howie Carson   1959/1960   
 Vitalize! Personalize! Build Bridges of Friendship! 
 Ken Calbick   1958/1959     
 Help Shape the Future. 
 Brian Thompson   1957/1958   
 Sam Gardner   1956/1957    
  Three Targets 1956-57:
    1. Keep Rotary simple
    2. More Rotary in Rotarians
    3. Learn More About Each Other  
 Ron Ley   1955/1956     
 Develop our Resources. 
 Bill Towill   1954/1955    
 Six Objectives for 1954-55:
    1. glean from the past and act
    2. share with others
    3. build with Rotary's 4-Way Test
    4. serving youth
    5. international good will
    6. good Rotarians are good citizens.  
 Tom Lindsay   1953/1954     
 Rotary is Hope in Action. 
 Reg Ball   1952/1953    

 Jack Plaxton   1951/1952    
 Ernie Clarke   1950/1951    

    1. In club service we must beget our heirs
    2. In vocational service honesty is still the best policy
    3. In community service we can plan for the future
    4. In international service we must re-examine our world
    5. We can extend the influence of Rotary 
 Bergie Thorteinsson   1950    
    1. Each new member admitted into a Rotary Club to be adequately
    informed about duties and obligations before induction - properly
    introduced to the club and effectively assimilated into the work of the
    club during the first year.