Many of you are aware that Rotary in North America has struggled with declining membership over the last few years.  In an effort to understand our members’ levels of engagement and satisfaction, District 5050 is launching a survey so that members can provide feedback to their own Clubs. Such surveys have been shown to increase the retention of members through improved dialog and re-commitment to Rotary and individual Clubs. 


The district is providing the resources, but the results are going straight to the individual clubs. All survey information is confidential. All data is collected without names.

As most of you are aware, this is the second year of the Survey.  Last year we had about 50% of the Rotarians respond district wide.  This year we are hoping it increase that number to 90%. The first year’s survey gave people a chance to see how the survey process works and the value in everyone participating. A second consecutive year of surveying provides data to compare to the benchmark of the first year and gives an opportunity for those who did not participate in 2014 to get involved for the benefit of their Club.


We would like to encourage all Members to take a few minutes to fill out the survey for your club.  Just click on the link below:


Or, you can go to the District 5050 website at:  You do NOT need to log in, just click on the box that says: “Take the Rotary Survey” in the center of the home page.