Lifeguard application
Feb 16, 2021 12:00 PM
Madeleine Hardin from Lifeguard Digital Health
Lifeguard application

Madeleine Hardin from Lifeguard Digital Health will talk with the club about Lifeguard, a new application to help prevent drug overdoses.


Madeleine was an Associate Professor of Communication at UFV, and became Associate Dean of Faculty for the College of Arts. Prior to joining UFV in 1990, Madeleine worked at CBC TV Vancouver as Assistant Assignment Editor, and at the Vancouver Aquarium as the Director of Fundraising. She retired from UFV in 2013 as she had a large benign brain tumour removed and had to learn how to navigate her new-normal world.

In 2015, Madeleine met Jeff Hardy, the founder and CEO of Lifeguard Digital Health. Jeff is passionate about saving the lives of people dying from opioid poisoning. Madeleine’s talk will be about how Jeff Hardy transformed his life and started a successful technology company while in a recovery house; and how Lifeguard Digital Health was developed with BC Emergency Health Services to become the smartphone version of a safe consumption site that has saved scores of lives in BC and will soon be adopted across Canada. 


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